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         Evolvedustry is a strategic adventure tower defense game where  you build your factory with complex material and crafting pipelines and progress through technology as creatures from other worlds and dimensions siege your empire. Uncover the mysteries of this forgotten world as you take back what was lost.

Current Features

  • Infinite World
  • Infinite skill tree
  • 70+ unique towers
  • Custom gear and accessories
  • 137 Unique Items
  • 3 Bosses
  • 4 Biomes
  • 110 Unique Gear
  • Gear have modifiers and traits
  • Terraria like player UI
  • Achievements

Planned Features

  • Multiplayer
  • 160 Unique Towers
  • 10 Biomes
  • 13 Bosses
  • 3 Dimensions
  • 600+ items
  • Built-in Mod Loader
  • Source code access
  • Magic Towers
  • Unity DOTS
  • Built-in Server hosting and manager
  • Map Builder
  • Dynamic Shadows + overhaul on render engine
  • Underground and Hell
  • Rail carts
  • 3 Invasions
  • Pets
  • 7 Classes
  •  Support Linux and Max OS

Update 1.48: Now Released - 6/28/2020

  • Beds for spawn point
  • New Crafting UI
  • Chests
  • Zoom/Panning (Ctrl + scroll wheel)
  • Upgraded Laser Towers
  • New items
  • New ores
  • New Towers
  • More Polishing
  • Quality of life features
  • More automated setups (auto collect items and experience)
  • Decorations
  • Bug fixes

Have Improvements For The Game?

  • If you want your features, items, bosses, enemies, towers, decorations, weapons, armor,  pets, ores, dimensions, biomes, etc... in the game, leave your ideas in the discussion page below as this game is directly driven by the community and already implemented a lot of ideas from others!


  • All donations and purchases go directly into making the game better! These  improvements include, but are not limited to, Art for new items/enemies/bosses/biomes/gear/pets/creatures, Music for Bosses/Biomes, Assets for serialization, sound FX, maybe outsource coding/dev team.


  • This as a Alpha Version and it is expected to have bugs and glitches. If you find any, leave it in the topic "Bugs" and the dev team will fix them immediately.

Patch 1.48.1 Alpha

  • Fixed incompatible resolution on launch which caused a pseudo-crash.
  • Decreased spawn rate of slimes.
  • Removed invisible UI blocking clicks.
  • Boss health bar now disappears on player death.
  • Boss health bar now appears in correct location with different resolutions.

StatusIn development
Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(26 total ratings)
GenreStrategy, Adventure
Tags2D, Bullet Hell, Indie, Pixel Art, Sandbox, Tower Defense, Unity, upgrades


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On Sale!
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$5.00 $0.00 USD or more

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